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Get to Know Us

Established in 1995 under the  name “A & B Construction & Planning”.

 Our journey is a testament to unwavering dedication and an extensive wealth of knowledge, driving our continuous growth and success.

Our journey began with a pitch to assist a group of idealistic and eager investors whose project to create a marina on the north coast of the island was wrought with challenges from both government and consultants alike. Desperate to get the necessary approval to start their project these investors agreed to hire us. Five years later, the Port St. Charles marina was opened and Planning and Development Services Inc was propelled to the top of the local planning and development industry due to their success.


Today we have completed over 65 major property development projects ranging from residential subdivisions to commercial buildings and hotels.


Our company provides the opportunity for investors to identify their goals and guides them through the developmental process. Clients are made aware of the administrative, legal and technical requirements involved. Solutions are discussed with the client and the project is mobilized.

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